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Day 12 Brussels Rest Day - Now This is Fun

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Having hit 1200km yesterday in 11 days, I felt like I deserved a day off without it affecting my daily average. Plus and perhaps more importantly, I wanted the bike looked over. My super 'remote admin' (elder daughter Eleanor) had found me a bike shop within 400m of my Airbnb and negotiated for the owner to look at it as soon as he opened at 10am. When I turned up as the shop opened he took one look at me and said “ah, the man with the daughter“. The Infinito has taken a beating over the past 11 days and I could feel the difference in gear changing. It was also making a lot of squeaking noises. I was also in need of repair, so found somewhere to get a massage. Mercifully for all concerned there are no photos. Although I am aware that some of you might have liked to see a stripped campagnolo potenza cassette. The bike was serviced for £20 and I could immediately feel the difference riding it back from the shop. I celebrated with a huge breakfast in a cafe I selected based entirely on it's amusing name only. Ah those witty Belgians. My massage was in one of those places where everyone speaks in hushed tones and treats the whole thing with a sense of reverence that allows them to charge 50% more. This included the masseur chiming bells over my head and engaging in his own weird deep breathing as he got started. I found this very hard to take seriously. Once he did though, it was excellent. So good in fact I fell asleep on the table and woke myself up snoring, much to my own embarrassment. I did feel great afterwards though and it put me in a chilled out mood to watch the England World Cup game. No riding today, so there are no numbers that matter. Instead here are six things you are unlikely to hear me say after this journey finishes; 1. Let's go to Belgium on a cycling holiday 2. Yeah I've ridden on cobbles mate, it's not that big a deal 3. No thanks, I don't drink Coca-Cola 4. Rapha? You're just paying for the name aren't you? 5. Yeah the Garmin was faultless, I couldn't have made it without it 6. You can eat too much pizza I think An early start tomorrow as I make way to Roubaix / Lilles depending on where I can find accommodation. 

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