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Bad news - good news

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

"Are you sitting down?" asked Tim from Lutterworth Cycle Centre. "I've got bad news. There isn't a single 61cm Intenso left in Europe. Bianchi won't have any now until the 2019 stock comes in".

OK. This is terrible. I am immediately thinking of starting a search on the Web for an alternative source. I had seen a couple of 2016 models around.

"But there is an answer you might like. Bianchi are prepared to do me a great deal on an Infinito as there is one of those left somewhere in Europe. It's going to put your bill up by a big chunk though". I do a sharp intake when he tells me the number. But it's doable. Just. In my head I am wondering, do I downgrade the changes I've planned to keep the bill down? Or do I stick with the dream and plan I have? I'm already know I'm opting for the latter even while Tim is outlining the options and consequences. I'm doing this. A few hundred pounds difference shouldn't put me off.

Plus I am now getting the bike I tested but had decided was out of my price range. This is a win. I think.

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