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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I was asked by a friendly reader to include the things I've missed out on the blog, that I have shared in messages. So in no particular order; * I got lost/ gone the wrong way in every single city I've been in, but no one has noticed on Strava * I stopped in Altdorf on day 2 which is famous as the place that William Tell supposedly shot the apple from his sons head. Hence the massive statue. * If you listen to it going on and off again you can convince yourself that the beeping sound is your Garmin laughing at you. * When I was riding up the St Goddard pass it was mostly silent, except one section through the middle of around 100 cows, all with bells on. I started writing about "cycling through a cacophony of cowbells" but felt like it was trying too hard to be a 'proper writer' so I dropped it * I am already wondering how much pizza is too much pizza for one man * I inserted a running gag in my blog for own amusement. It took 6 days before anyone spotted it. * I left out most the swearing to avoid offending people (my mum), but I can tell you for certain that Swiss people standing at traffic lights don't take kindly to the phrase "work you stupid twating thing". If you are already reading the blog you know what I'm referring to

* Although obviously this particular point was rendered null and void by the subsequent posts with lots of swearing in * If I had known the German for "are you taking the piss?" I would have shouted it at all the people in last night's Airbnb for separate reasons and the next door neighbour. Who the fuck uses a strimmer at 7am?! 

* Despite the impression you get from this blog, I listen to more music then just Depeche Mode. It started as an idea and just stuck. It has become a daily challenge to work it in and frankly gives me something to think about.

* I am already regretting not taking a photo of my bike with snow in the background at the top of St Goddard

*I know this sounds obvious, but doing something like this puts me in total awe of pro riders on grand tours. They do triple the distance at triple the speed, over as much as five times the climbing. How?

* Why the hell anyone would want to race over cobbles is beyond me. The experience is horrendous.

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