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Day 14 Part 2 - Dover to Ashford - Master and (not) Servant *

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

*Yes I cheated again I had to re-set my mind to ride on the left as I got off the boat and try and work my way through the maze that is Dover harbour. In fact, if it hadn't been able to follow a German guy who has been there before through the maze, I might still be there now. I met him in the queue to get on the ferry. He with a full touring bike and kit. He looked at my bike and kit said "are you going on a little overnight trip?" It made my day to tell him I ridden from Milan. His face was a picture. I had to show him my Strava entries to prove it. As I was staying in Ashford overnight I only had about 40km to get there, starting with 10km off road on National Cycle Route 2. Three weeks ago I would have rejected this I'm sure, but now...well it's hardly Belgium is it? It's a quiet narrow pathway that takes me up and out of Dover Westward along the coast. The views of Kent on a warm summer's evening were beautiful and I made sure to stop a few times to soak it up. The ride was easy and it was so good to be back on home soil. The route took me through Folkestone, before heading north at Hythe, where there was a cheeky little hill of 9% just to welcome me home. For all the potholes, lack of cycling infrastructure and discourteous drivers, this is England. This is home. I was loving flying along our country roads, with signs that make sense and cyclists who wave back. It was over all too soon. Another 149km done. Just over 100km to go to the finish tomorrow and I can't quite believe the Adventure is nearly over. I feel like I have conquered it rather than it beating me. Numbers that count; Country number 7 on this trip (after Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium) Kilometres covered so far - 1,485

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