The world turned upside down

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Everything has changed, hasn’t it?

It seems incredible that whatever we each consider to be our normal life has been turned on its head so quickly. It feels like the news is changing every hour, competing with the virus for speed of transmission among us all.  At a slower rate, we are seeing or realising the knock-on effect that the virus will have: the chain of consequences that will flow from people being forced to isolate. The threats to health, wellbeing and livelihoods. I've already been through the five stages of the Kubler Ross change curve in fewer than five days - I've accepted that life has changed and that there's more change to come. Sadly I think that curve is missing 'fear' as one of the emotions we will all experience in the near future. My thoughts very quickly shifted towards 'how can I keep my family safe?'. We've likely all done the same. 

Obviously all of my cycling plans have changed. It seems ridiculous that I even have to write that. If the UK follows the examples of France, Spain and Italy then all recreational cycling may be banned very shortly. Those of us lucky enough to be able to cycle indoors will be stuck on Zwift or TrainerRoad for months to come. At least Zwift has some kind of social nature to it. I do feel that cycling of any sort is going to be essential for my physical and mental wellbeing over the next few months, so I will ride outdoors until I'm told to stop and then retire to my garage. 

I might continue to write, but it hardly seems important. Not that it ever was, but I don't think there's much to say about the views from my indoor trainer.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.  Keep the people you love close to you.

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